Skin Care Tips

If you are like most individuals, you do not go out of your way to find solutions to problems until you are faced with them. Prevention of health issues is becoming more popular as we are being faced with so many new health issues which in some cases definitely feel like epidemics. Cancer is definitely one that falls into this category. As we get older we start to question how we actually choose to treat our bodies including our skin as the signs of aging sneak up on us every time we look in the mirror. We all realize aging can not be stopped however there is something to be said for aging gracefully and looking your best no matter what age you are.

Image result for moisturizerA proactive approach to skin care does not however just relate to warding off the aging process it is also effective in minimizing or diminishing skin aliments that can and do affect us at the many different stages of our lives. For instance with a proactive skin care regime you can take control over many blemishes by preventing them as well speeding the healing process when they do occur.

We have all been to the beach or outdoor activity and witnessed the many kids who are covered with sunscreen from head to toe. This of course is a good thing; however at the exact same time you can look at the parents or guardians and see them slathered with some concoction that helps the sun rays penetrate their skin. We acknowledge that kids need to be protected from the sun, but in most cases this is to avoid sunburn and not to avoid the long term damage that the sun actually creates. It is important to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight between ten in the morning and four in the evening when ultraviolet rays (cancer causing) will be at their most intense. It should also be noted that ultraviolet rays do not go away in the winter; sunscreen and moisturizing is important all year round.

The number one action that can be taken in order to keep your skin healthy is to moisturize from inside outside. Drinking adequate amounts of water to keep the body hydrated is of utmost importance. When there is not water to go around the skin does not rank very high on the priority list for immediate survival according to your brain therefore your skin cells and skin integrity will suffer.

Image result for moisturizerMoisturizing the outside of your body is also important because it not only makes the skin feel soft and supple but acts like a barrier to keep the natural oils sealed in.Last but not least do not smoke. We all know that smoking is not good for the body in some many ways, but the lack of oxygen in the blood causes a lack of oxygen to your cells, including those of your biggest organ the skin. Again when deciding what part of your body will get the oxygen that is available the skin is not a priority organ. Smoking not only accelerates the aging process of the skin but has also been linked to blemishes and acne.

By starting out on a proactive regime early in life you will experience healthy skin and fewer blemishes through the different stages of your life. Taking a few proactive steps can also dramatically slow done the visible signs of aging and allow you to look at the wrinkles that do finally appear as lines of honor instead of running scared every time you look in the mirror.